Adam’s Curriculum Vitae

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Toronto, Canada

Major Shipped Projects

Censorship Circumvention (2009-present)

Part of a team of four devs responsible for all aspects of design and development. The circumvention system allows users in non-open-internet regions (China, Iran, etc.) to get access to censored sites. Our customers tend to be international news agencies that need to provide access to their sites in the targeted regions. This is a very hostile environment (there are constant blockages and possibility of attacks) that has required both quick responses to problems and long term planning for more creative approaches. The service is used by at least tens of thousands of users in a dozen countries and a dozen languages.

Storage Encryption Key Manager (2004-2009)

Co-wrote the specification and design for an enterprise storage key management system. This included high-availability and clustering, high-assurance data destruction, information lifecycle management, standards-based interfaces, and all other aspects of the system. I was also part of the team that developed and delivered the final system (dev team size varied between 3 and 6). The IP was purchased by Sun Microsystems Inc., and I was hired along with it. While at Sun, I (along with a few others on the team) received a Sun Award of Excellence for our work. By the time I left Sun, the Key Manager was selling well and was driving even larger sales of encrypting tape drives. The product seems to continue to be offered by Oracle.

CipherShare (2001-present)

Member of a two-person team that designed, developed, and delivered one of the first (and best!) secure document sharing and collaboration applications. We upgraded through three versions: going from very simple, small-document-only architecture, to having chat and messaging, handling huge files, and enabling key recovery. CipherShare is used by such companies as MDS Sciex (scientific equipment) and the Plant Machinery Division of Bechtel (a defence contractor). Development and sales continue under Proven Security Solutions Inc.


(All of these vary in degree and freshness, but I’ve used all of them in a project at some point.)

Programming languages

Python, C/C++, JavaScript (+HTML+CSS), PHP, Java, SQL (and stored procedure stuff like PL/pgSQL). Also some: Objective-C, shell scripts, C#.


IDEs: Netbeans, MSVC++, Eclipse, Xcode.

Source control: Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Perforce, SourceSafe.

Issue tracking: Github, Bitbucket, Kiln, Trac, LaunchPad, FogBugz, TestTrack, Bug Tracker, VersionOne.

Miscellaneous: DialogBlocks, VirtualBox, VMWare.


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server.


Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, Solaris, iOS.

In general

If I don’t already know it, I can get up to speed pretty quickly.


2009 - present: Software Developer @ Psiphon Inc.

Provides censorship circumvention services to users in regions such as China, Iran, Burma, etc.

2006 - present: Co-Founder/Developer @ Proven Security Solutions Inc.

My side-gig company. Founded by me and two other CipherShare (see below) originators to continue development and sales of product. Also provides consulting and contracting work, specializing in systems security.

2006 - 2009: Software Developer @ Sun Microsystems Inc.

After Kasten Chase (below) went bankrupt, the key management IP was sold to Sun Microsystems, conditional on me and another developer going to work for them.

2003 - 2006: Software Developer @ Kasten Chase Applied Research

Medium-sized (~70) company specializing in security software and hardware.

2001 - 2003: Software Developer @ CipherShare Systems Inc.

Company created by Apostrophe Software (below) to develop commercial product – a secure document sharing and collaboration client/server application. Acquired by Kasten Chase in 2003.

1997 - 2001: Software Developer @ Apostrophe Software

Small bespoke software company specializing in client/server database-driven projects. Started as a summer student, began full-time in 2000.

1998 - 1999: Software Developer @ Dai Nippon Printing (Tokyo)

Six month placement through University of Toronto’s Co-op Japan Program.


University of Toronto

Graduated 2001, H.B.Sc., with distinction; Computer Science specialist, Philosophy major.

Other Interests

Basically the usual geekery…



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